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Image by Karine Germain

Vineel Ranjan

Co-founder, Creative Head, Civil Aspirant, Political Enthusiast

Hailing From Hyderabad, Loves The Beatles, Mani Ratnam And  Biryani. Having Freelanced For A While As Creative Head, Copywriter, And Content Curator Now Have Been An Integral Part Of Maarket. Had His Short Stint In the Australia’s Bustling City Of Melbourne, Worked In Various Sales And Public Relations Positions. Believes In Ogilvy’s Art Of Persuasion, His Love For Debates And Politics Have Shaped His Perspectives That Contribute To Our Work In A Very Balanced And Woke Manner. If You Ever Had A Conversation With Vineel, It Would Be More To Do With Art, Abstract Concepts Of How Art Can Be Commercialised In The Most Ethical Manner, Ideologies That Shaped The Modern World And Eventually Developing A Set Of Copies For A Client Post Conversation. If You Ever Ask Him What Made Him End Up In This Field, He Would Tell His Story As An Activist During His University Days And How Arts And Humanities Have Shaped His Mind To Cultivate An Art That Can Also Help Build Businesses Today.

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